The Next Step in Evolution of the Hospitality Industry

  • AI powered SaaS Hotel Management Platform
  • Unique Personalized Client Experience
  • Boosting hotel’s upsales up to 25%

the market with enormous potential

Hospitality is One of the Strongest Industries

  • 1.6 billion

    bookings in 2017

  • 10.2%

    of Global GDP

  • $570 billion

    hotel industry market value

Despite the industry size, hotels and guests face significant problems

It's Time to Change the Situation

Modihost brings the power of AI to take the hospitality industry to the next stage in its evolution

Artificial intelligence

Hospitality industry generates enormous amount of unprocessed data, which can be used to personalize guests' experience, make a guest feel special by predicting his needs, eliminating outdated procedures, streamlining time consuming actions and making a guest connected to all hotel services in one touch.

personalized approach

Instead of old way upsale offers to every guest, AI could make a special offers to those, who spend much more during their stay.

AI predicts clients needs, engages client into conversation in a variety ways, which ultimately leads to upsales.

Payment Model

Easy, Transparent and Affordable payment model empowered by blockchain and smart contracts, which fits hospitality business of any scale and category.

Top-notch User Experience

Build from ground up with client's needs in mind.

Flexible, scalable, fast and intuitive, Modihost automates many repeating chores as well as takes care of client experience inside the hotel.

  • Whitepaper

    Read full information about platform and how it works.

  • Technical paper

    Dive into technical details of Modihost.

ModiHost in 80

An Alloy of Cutting-Edge Technologies

How the platform works

ModiHost is an innovative SaaS hotel management system facilitating easy access to AI technologies for hotels of any size or complexity.

Using blockchain for transparency, the system harnesses the power of AI to deliver the best possible customer experience – for hotels and their guests. ModiHost predicts customers' needs beyond their expectations.

  • Hotel gets service from Modihost to serve guests needs or current hotel operations with advanced platform’s capabilities and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Pool provides liquidity to hotel by sending tokens for Modihost operations and receives reward for this.

  • Pool tokens lent to hotel operations are constantly circulating and earn interest for the holders. Every holder could join the pool to lend tokens to hotels.


Download Whitepaper to learn how Modihost changes hospitality industry, guest’s experience, reduce staff load and increases upsales. Detailed information about utility token, platform structure is available in Whitepaper.


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the industry is about to change

AI forces hotel services to a new level

Unlock new possibilities
with the power of AI

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Token Distribution Block

Private and Public sale
  • 75% Private and Public sale
  • 12% Team and Advisors
  • 8% Main Pool Reserve
  • 5% Initial Hotels Invitation

Check out our GitHub Repository to see the project development progress

Next steps of development progress


Phase 0 / Quarter 1
  • Phase 0 / Quarter 1
  • Phase 1 / Quarter 2
  • Phase 1 / Quarter 3
  • Phase 1 / Quarter 4
  • Phase 1 / Quarter 5
  • Phase 2 / Quarter 6
  • Phase 2 / Quarter 7
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  • Phase 2 / Quarter 9

Project progress

MVP development

Testnet launch

Initial hotels attraction

Pool explorer launch

Mainnet launch

Advanced platform development

Hotel chains connection

Global market expansion

Solid Expansion Across the World

Market Penetration

Select Year to see the expected adoption of the platform across regions.

  • 100 Hotels
  • 5 000 Rooms
  • 50 RPH


Prof. Koen Hindriks

Koen is a full professor Social Artificial Intelligence, at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam. Co-founder of Interactive Robotics.

Ali Chaudhry

Ali Chaudhry is a postgraduate researcher in Artificial Intelligence at University College London. Fintech, edtech and agritech professional.

Abhinav Aggarwal

A globally recognized thought leader in Cognitive, Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social, Security, Blockchain, eCommerce, and BPM.

Jean-Marc Goossens

Jean-Marc Goossens is a business attorney specializing for more than 25 years in international mediation and international investments.

Meet Our Team

Stephan Radwitz


Several iconic construction projects such as the Carl-Benz Stadion, multi-purpose stadium in Mannheim and the Gläserne Manufaktur in Saxony, Germany.

Krish Mahajan


UPI (Unified Payments Interface) for the National Payments Corporation of India which is handled over 150 million transactions in its first month of operation.

Fiona Yalcin


With a background in Human Resource Management and Development in the Hospitality Industry, she is the ideal person on the Modinori team.

Abhishek Modsingh

Principal Consultant
Abhishek comes with 7+ years of business development background and deep domain knowledge in Hospitality software's, SaaS, IT vendor management and the ERP/CRM space.

Steve Mooney

Steve is a Hospitality, Franchise and Business Development specialist with over 25 years experience with Hospitality industry leaders such as Choice Hotels, Wyndham Worldwide, and Success Charging U.S.A.

Sanam Khan

Principle Project Manager

Oneeb Ahmed

VP Solution Architecture & Blockchain

Shoaib Bazmi

Software Engineer

Qirat Ameen Marchant

Senior Software Engineer

Subhan Nizar

Software Engineer

Abdul Moiz

Software Engineer

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